The value payable (VP) system is designed to meet the requirements of persons who wish to pay for articles sent to them at the time of receipt.

The Value Payable articles: Registered parcels, registered book packets and newspapers prepaid with postage at newspaper rate of postage and with registration fee and registered letters with postage, registration fee and a supplementary fee of Tk. 10.00 per letter may be transmitted by the inland post as value payable postal articles. The amount specified for remittance to the sender must not exceed Tk. 1000.00 (one thousand).

Manner of posting: Every postal article intended to be transmitted by post as VP article must be presented at the post office together with the prescribed form duly filled by the sender. The sender must also write on the face of the article in the upper left corner- the letters “VP” followed by an entry in figures and words of the amount for remittance to himself and the lower left hand corner his full name and address. Value Payable articles will not be accepted unless the town of payment shown in the VP Money Order form is one where the article has been booked.

Manner of delivery: If the amount to be recovered on VP articles exceeds Tk.100.00 the article will be delivered at the post office. The amount to be recovered from the addressee will be the sum specified by the sender for remittance to himself plus a fee calculated at the rate of 25 paisa for minimum of Tk. 10.00 or fraction of Tk. 10.00 of the amount specified for remittance to the sender.