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The Emergence of postage stamps in Great Britain in 1840 as a prepaid postage system is an important landmark in the history of Postal Services. Though the postage stamps was introduced to collect postal revenue only, but since then postage stamps collection has become a hobby – irrespective of age the collection on Philately, is regarded as “King of Hobbies”. Today Philately has become a business product all over the world. Like Bank Notes, Postage stamps are also regarded as symbol of sovereignty of an independent state.

During our Great Liberation War the Provisional Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh issued a set of 8 postage stamps on July 29, 1971 to mould international support for our liberation war. After the liberation of Bangladesh on December 16, 1971, the first commemorative stamps of Bangladesh was issued on February 21,1972 in commemoration of Great Language Movement of 1952 depicting ‘Shaheed Minar’. Bangladesh Post Office thereafter continued issue of definitive, Commemorative and special Postage Stamp and Postal stationeries on National and International events, heritage and culture. Till date Bangladesh Post Office has issued 732 Postage stamps and 28 Souvenir sheets.

How to view Stamps
There are various types of stamps available. Stamps are mainly two types -
1. Commemorative 2. Definitive, Each of two categories again has three subcategories. They are listed bellow: You can click to view every type of stamps listed bellow.

Three types of Commemorative stamps are–
Three types of Definitive stamps are–

First day cover also available in philately.You also can choose Year wise link to view stamps according to publication year.

How to buy Stamps
To buy the stamps you should browse any category (Commemorative, Definitive, Services) of stamps then from the stamp list you will have to click the buy button or from the Details page you can buy stamps buy clicking on the buy button. After clicking on the buy button will you see the message “Stamp is Added to the cart” If you want to buy more you can select the required stamps and click on the buy button for each stamp. After selecting required stamps you will have to click on View Stamps button. You will see the details information of your selected Stamps. Click on the Check out button there and in the next page Fill up the from and click on submit. In this page will find the total information. Click on the Order Now button to proceed the order. Your order will be submitted and you will see a message your order ID.

How to track Order
After submitting order successfully we will provide you an Order ID . You can track your order Status from Tracking and Tracing
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