Post Restante

The Poste Restante is intended solely for the accommodation of strangers and travelers and even the may not use the Poste Restante for more than three months.

Poste Restante articles :

All articles superscribed “To be kept till called for” “To await arrival”, or in any similar way, and also articles addressed “Post Office” are held to fall under the head “Poste Restante” . The addresses of articles falling under the head “Poste Restante” must give the names of the addressees. The use of initials, figures, personal Christian names without surnames, fictitious names or conventional marks of any kind is not admitted for these articles.

Treatment :

(1) An article of the “Poste Restante” ( except value-payable ) is kept in the post office to which it is addressed :
i. for a period of two months from the date on which it reaches that post office in the case of Chittagong and Dhaka.
ii. for a period of one month in all other cases.

(2) A value-payable postal article marked “Poste Restante” is, subject to the proviso of sub-clause
I. of clause 142-A, kept in the post office to which it is addressed for a period of seven days only.

Exception :

As soon as it is ascertained that the payee of a telegraphic money order addressed “Post Office “cannot be found, a reference is made to the office of issue, and the telegraphic money order, if still undeliverable, is then returned without delay by post, free of any further charge, for payment to the remitter.

Responsibility of Post Office :

In cases in which articles are superscribed “To be kept till called for” , and the address gives no further indications of the intention of the sender, the responsibility of the post office is limited to retaining such articles in deposit for the prescribed period.