GEP & EPP Services

GEP & EPP Service are- 

  1. Specialized domestic mail service
  2. Service extended to all district headquarters.
  3. GEP Service extended to 429 Upazila Post offices & all Post Offices of Dhaka city. GEP delivery service in Dhaka city has been reorganized. Now all delivery Post Office has been converted in to GEP delivery office which has dramatically improved the service standard.
  4. More secured and prompt delivery
  5. Committed to delivers the GEP articles at earliest possible time
  6. GEP rate:
    • Taka 10.00 for the first 20 grams or fraction thereof
    • Taka 12.00 for a weight above 20 grams but not exceeding 50 grams and Taka 2.00 for every additional 50 grams or fraction thereof