What is Recall of Articles?
Postal articles, in course of transmission by post, may be recalled by the sender or delivered to another address at the request of the sender, without reference to or the consent of the first address.
What is certificate of posting?
The object of granting certificates of posting is to afford the public an assurance that letters and other articles intended for transmission by post have actually been posted.
What is post office Saving Bank?
The object of government to establish post office Saving Bank is to provide a ready means for the deposit of savings and so to encourage current account.
Is transfer of account allowed?
A deposit may have his account transferred free of charge to any post office, provided that the account shall have been in existence for at least three months from the date on which it was opened or reopened on transfer.
What is International Reply-Coupons?
An international reply coupon (IRC) is a coupon that can be exchanged for one or more postage stamps representing the minimum postage for an unregistered priority airmail letter of up to twenty grams sent to another Universal Postal Union (UPU) member country. IRCs are accepted by all UPU member countries.
What is poste Restante?
The post restante is intended solely for the accommodation of strangers and travelers and even they may not use the post Restante for more than three months.
What is money order?
Money is an order issued by the post office for the payment of a sum of Money the agency of the post office.
What is Postal Life Insurance?
Postal life insurance was started over 100 years ago as a scheme for the benefit of Postal employees with the object of providing against the misfortunes of the future and ensuring continued well-being, happiness and security of family life at the lowest possible cost. The benefits of the scheme were extended from time to time for the employees of other government departments and semi-government organizations and institutions. Today the scheme is not only open to government and semi-Government employees but to all person having assured means of regular income. Postal Life Insurance is managed by Government on a “No Profit on Loss" basis and all the money in the Post Office Insurance fund is held in trust for the policy holders.
How can I avail window delivery service?
Window delivery service is available in non post Box area. An addressee could receive all letters and other postal articles at the window of post office, free of any charge during working hours Addressee, however, has to request this facility in writing.
What happens to undeliverable articles?
An article with an incomplete address is consigned to Returned Letter Office. While article of an unknown addressee is either redirected in case fresh address is known or kept in deposit for seven days before sending it back to sender or to the returned letter office.
What happens to unpaid and insufficiently paid inland and foreign letters.
An inland letter posted unpaid is charged on delivery with double the postage and letter insufficiently prepaid is charged on delivery with double the amount of the deficiency similarly unpaid and insufficiently paid letters posted in Bangladesh for transmission to a foreign country are returned to senders if their addresses are easily ascertained.
How can I obtain advice of delivery of my foreign parcel?
The sender of a parcel addressed to any parcel union country as well as to non-parcel union country can obtain an advice of its delivery by paying a nominal fee. After the delivery of parcel the advice of delivery card is returned duly completed to the sender by the office of destination
Can I send articles of value in ordinary letter?
Coin bullion precious stones Jewellery currency notes and articles of gold or silver may only be sent by the inland post insured. They may be sent by the foreign insured parcel post and can also be sent by the foreign letter post only in registered letters.
What is prohibited to be transmitted by the post?

 a) Anything, which is sent in contravention of any enactment or government orders.
b) An indecent or obscene printing, painting photography,
lithograph, engraving book, or card or any other indecent or obscene articles.
c) Any explosive, inflammable, dangerous, filthy, noxious or deleterious substance.

Where could I get commemorative Stamps?
  Special arrangement exists at Philatelic Bureaus and philatelic counters operating in all general post offices for the sale of commemorative and special service of postage stamp and first day of issue covers and brochures to philatelists.
What is Universal Postal Union?
  Almost all the countries of the world have joined together a Union, known as the Universal Postal Union to regulate the postal services amongst them. Its Headquarter is in Berne, Switzerland.