Endowment Assurance

Endowment Assurance is two kinds: a) Payment of Premium ceasing at certain ages varying form 35 to 60 as per contract or on death if it occurs before maturity.
b) Payment of Premium ceasing after certain number of years varying form 5 to 40 as per contract or on death if it happens earlier.

Accident Insurance
Holder to a Postal Life Insurance/Endowment Assurance policy or policies for a total amount not less than Tk. 5,000/- may apply for a supplementary contract providing for accidental death or accidental death which permanent disability benefits insurance. The maximum limit of such contract is Tk. 20,000/- only. Rate of premium for death by accident Tk. 2/- per annum for every Tk. 1000/- payable in advance and for death or permanent disability by accident is Tk. 5/- per annum for every Tk. 1,000/- payable in advance.