The Main Services are- 

  1. Document Types-
    • Letters
    • Post Card
    • Parcel
    • News Paper & Periodicals
    • Book/Packet
    • Sample
  2. Delivery time: 2-3 days depending upon the distance and communication of destination
  3. Registration makes the transmission of an article more secure
  4. Fees
    • In addition to the postage a fee of Tk. 4.00 will be charged for the registration of any postal article
  5. Cases when registration compulsory
    • Any parcel exceeding 5.00 kg in wt. And all air parcels
    • Any insured article
    • Any parcel addressed to a place for which a customs declaration is required
    • Any article containing postage or other stamps or labels or the like
    • Any article bearing the word “registered” or any other word, phrase or mark to the like
    • Any value payable (VP) article