Certificate of Posting

Object of certificates :

The object in granting certificates of posting is to afford the public an assurance that letters and other articles entrusted to servants and messengers for posting have actually been posted.

Manner of obtaining :

(1)A certificate of posting may be obtained in respect of any postal article for which a receipt is not given by the post office subject to the post following conditions, namely:-

(a) the certificate of posting written in ink must be presented to an officer on duty at the post office along with the articles to be posted, during the hours fixed for the grant of such certificates;

(b) the certificate must contain an exact copy of the addresses on the articles to which it relates, and must have a postage stamp or stamps, affixed thereto in payment of a fee to be charged at the rate of Tk. 1.00 for every three articles or for any less number;

(c)the actual number of articles in respect of which the certificate is required must be written in words at the foot of the certificate. No more than three articles should be entered in a single certificate and each certificate should be presented along with the articles entered in it.

(2) The officer on duty will compare the number of the articles presented and the addresses on them with the entries in the certificate and, if the letter correct, will obliterate the postage stamps and impress the date-stam upon the certificate. The certificate will then be returned to the person who presented it.

Note1.- Printed forms of certificate of posting are obtainable at all post offices free of charge and the use of these forms is recommended. Books containing 50 forms are also procurable at all principal post offices at a cost of Tk.1.00 per book.

Note2.-Certificates of posting are not granted in respect of letters posted in train letter-boxes.