Business Reply Coupon

Postage and conditions of posting :
(1) The rates of postage on Business Reply Envelopes and Business Reply cards are as follows:-
For a Business Reply Envelope not exceeding 10 grams Tk.2.00
For every 10 gram or fraction thereof exceeding 10 grams Tk.2.00
For a single Business Reply card Tk.1.00

(2) “Business Reply Cards” and “ Business Reply Envelopes” will, subject to the provisions of postage, and the postage thereon will be collected in cash from the addressee on delivery.

(3) Persons, desiring the privilege of sending out Business Reply Cards and Envelopes for return to them, must make application with complete printed proofs of the card and envelope to the Postmaster at the office to which the cards or envelopes are to be returned. He will transmit the application to the Head of the Circle and await the receipt of a permit.

(4) The fee for the permit is Tk.100 which will be recovered in advance from the applicant. The permit will remain in force for one year only from the date of issue, but may be renewed for further period of one year on payment of Tk.100 in respect of each renewal. The permit will be cancelled if there be a default in the payment of the postage due on such cards and envelopes. If, however, renewal of permit is desired the holder must submit his application in good time before the expiry of the period of currency, failing which his articles will be treated as ordinary unpaid articles of the letter mail after the date of expiry of the permit and until the issue of a fresh permit. No period of grace will in any case be allowed.

(5)Business Reply Cards must conform in size and quality with the conditions prescribed of private manufacture and must be of the following pattern:-

(6) Business Reply Cards and Envelopes must be furnished by the user and must bear on the address side, either printed thereon or on a label affixed thereto,
(a) the printed name and address of the permit holder, to whom the card or envelope is to be delivered,
(b) the permit number
(c) the name of the post office issuing the permit,
(d) two thick vertical lines in black or any other colour near the right-hand edge,
(e) the words “Business Reply Card” ,Business Reply Envelope”, or “Business Reply Label” as the case may be,
(f) the words “No postage stamps necessary if posted in Bangladesh and
(g) the words “Postage will be paid by addressee. Sufficient space should be left for post-marking at the top of the card or envelope. A permit-holder may incorporate in any advertisement issued by him in a newspaper or other publication a special design containing the printed entries herein before specified with a view to its being used as a business Reply Label and affixed to a card or envelope.

(7) Business Reply Cards may be sent our as reply portions of double postcards or may be enclosed with other matter, but Business Reply Envelopes must be enclosed with other matter.

(8) When Business Reply Cards and Envelopes are returned to the office of origin, they will be delivered to the person for whom the are intended on payment of the postage chargeable thereon.