Blind Literature

Blind Literature Packets weighing up to 8000 grams transmitted free of charge.

Contents and conditions of Posting
Papers of any kind, periodicals and books impressed in “Braille”, or other special type for the use of the blind, may be transmitted by post as ”Blind literature” packets; provided that they are posted in accordance with the following conditions :-

(a) The packet shall consist only of articles specially impressed as described above for the use of the blind, and shall not contain any communication either in writing or printed in ordinary type, except the title and table of contents of the book or periodical and any key to, or instructions for, the use of the special type, or any enclosure except a label for the return of the packet.

(b) The packet shall bear on the outside the inscription” Literature for the Blind” and the written or printed name and address of the sender.

(c) The packet shall be posted either without a cover, or in a cover open at both ends, which can easily be removed for the purpose of examination.

(d) The dimensions of the packet shall not exceed 60 centimeters in length by 30 centimeters in width and 30 centimeters in depth, and the weight shall not exceed eight kilograms.

(e) Penalty for breach of conditions.—Should any of the conditions mentioned above be infringed, the packet ( unless it is admissible as an ordinary packet) will be charged on delivery with letter or parcel postage, whichever may be less. Any postage paid on the packet will, however, be taken into account in assessing the charge.