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Russia, the Kremlin announced on the 3rd, President Vladimir Putin Gerald De Panne Er Die granting Russian citizenship. said in an open letter, I am glad to be granted Russian citizenship, but did not say whether Russia will be permanently moved to live. openly oppose the French levy heavy taxes on the rich, so it is the Prime Minister Eero dismissed as pathetic person on the 3rd, Putin's approval to have the well-known French actor Gerard De Panne Er Die Russian citizenship, from Louis Vuitton For Sale Cyrano name Russia no name France was. Fans, is not felt saddened, feeling never love again? In order to avoid high taxes and the rich change nationality, has 64 years of this be considered Wanjiebubao it? Immediately comment

Look at juvenile camp when Louis Vuitton Bags Outlet the French chef really feel familiar, but I did not expect is the famous big nose; see the French tax so high when the rich do a little gloating, but I did not expect a high rate of forced My Lover t have defected to the Russian embrace. To reason, it is entirely plausible, 75% tax rate is a bit scary, and who do not want to make more money, and more to enjoy the next life? In love, but some people feeling, after all, is the French film achievements of his, he is also the memory of generations Frenchman. Since then, a passerby this feeling really bad ah!

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64 years old has been the darling of the French film industry, from the 16-year-old starred in the first role began, a total starred in over 150 films. 1990 Cyrano Let him popular in the world, and another film Green Card then let him gain a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in 1991 in France for their baby children have never begrudge Awards , twice won France's highest film award Caesar Award for Best Actor title, and in 1996 France's highest honor Knight of the Legion Medal It is worth mentioning that the last time he was of French nationality stardom appeared in front of an audience, in Ang Lee's film juvenile fantasy camp drifting, he plays a man of brutal French chef very bizarre case of aircraft collision had no dead

is a Wan oils actor, performing full, with a strong power, good at various film types, every year the number of works launched, many of Louis Vuitton Handbags Outlet whom are a lot of excellent work. We can say that in the hearts of generations of French people have a profound memories of his life is also full of cinematic legend. Born poor, he was a friend accidentally pulled into showbiz, has also experienced a car accident and a plane collision incident, had heart surgery, these are not defeat him, on the contrary, he has maintained a superhuman work the efficiency of the money under the name of 15 companies

Late last year, published a letter to the French Prime Minister's open letter, said he would give up the French nationality, does not require approval, but at least have the right to be respected, the French Socialist Party government tax reform policy introduced last year, to the annual income of more than 鈧?1 million individual tax rate is 75% income tax rate high so many rich people caught on and fled. Owns 15 companies have investments in North Africa, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Russia and other places no exception tax rate is only 13%. Between 75% and 13%, significantly prefer the latter. He walked most injured French president

Although always denied immigration motivation is to escape the high tax rate, but the French media was bluntly equate the two fans certainly for Idol departure sad anger, but in this incident, the most injury , I am afraid most important French President Hollande. The banner of social justice banner in a crisis the presidency of the Socialists, came less than 10 months, had suffered a difficult reform in recent years, the French economy has been the impact of globalization and the financial crisis, slowing growth, unemployment high rate of global competitiveness. In last year's election, Hollande for the people on the current situation of economic and social discontent in France, proposed a series of look beautiful idea, which is one of the highlights that give the rich tax increase, however, when he was Gordon When the presidential throne, determined to practice the campaign platform, but suffered an unprecedented resistance. Last September, the French luxury goods giant LVMH Group CEO, Bernard Arnault, France's richest man, the application of Belgian nationality, has triggered a debate about the French tax administration addition, high tax rates 75% of Yiling political concerns. Some people believe that the move will exacerbate the French capital flight.

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